Close up of a soy bean plant and bean pod

N-Code™ Slow-release Liquid Fertilizer

Efficiency, Productivity, and Reliability

We're all about making nitrogen available to your plants in a foliar form for up to an impressive 40 days after application. Thanks to Triazines and amide compounds, our product leaves conventional fertilizers in the dust when it comes to foliar applications. Hexion's N-Code slow-release fertilizer can also be used as a raw material to compound other fertilizer formulations.


The few key benefits of N-Code slow-release fertilizer versus common nitrogenous foliar fertilizers are:


Less Run-off

Its longer permanence on the sheet surface, thanks to its adhesive property, translates to less loss to the environment through run-off or washing.

Increased Water Retention

With impressive wetting properties, N-Code's molecules retain water, effectively reducing crystallization and phytotoxicity potential.

Long Lasting

Once inside the leaf, Nitrogen release is a constant affair, continuing for an amazing 30–40 days with a perfect balance of fast and slow release.

Plant Stress

For plants under stress, N-Code delivers high efficiency nitrogen supplements.

Steady Nourishment

Reduces the need for dose breaks in the application, as nitrogen remains available to the plant for a long time, ensuring steady nourishment.


Less Nitrogen Loss

N-Code helps reduce nitrogen losses to the environment, giving farmers the freedom to choose between productivity and cost strategies.

Reduced Leaf Burns

If you’re worried about leaf burns due to ammonia volatilization, know that N-Code lowers that risk significantly.

Lower phyto potential

N-Code boasts a lower osmolarity and salt index, reflecting lower phyto potential.


Penetrates leaf pores

Thanks to its lower ionic charge, N-Code effortlessly penetrates through leaf pores, reaching the right places with ease.

N-Code slow-release fertilizer working mechanism

So, how does it work? The magic lies in the complex nitrogen molecules within N-Code. They don't release nitrogen right away but take their time with a slower microbial decomposition process within the leaf. That means your plants can enjoy a steady supply of nitrogen goodness for a longer period.

The time at which nitrogen is released from the N-Code is related to the size of the molecules and polymers that compose the product. The more complex the molecule, the longer the time required for the product to be completely decomposed within the leaf until nitrogen is released.

The release time of N-Code is a result of HEXION's ability to engineer the composition of this family of slow-release compounds during its manufacturing process. That's the secret behind its continuous nitrogen release from application day to days 30-40. It's all about balance and efficiency.