Versatic™ Monomers for Redispersible Powders

Enhanced Adhesion and Durability

versatics construction

Did you know that most popular latices used to make redispersible powders (RDPs) are based on vinyl acetate/VeoVa™ 10 copolymer, vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer and vinyl acetate/ethylene/VeoVa 10 terpolymer? That’s because VeoVa monomers provide specific properties to RDPs such as very high hydrophobicity and higher resistance to alkali.

VeoVa monomers enhance these RDPs with key advantages for different applications:

  • Ceramic tile adhesives: Improved adhesion, smoother workability, and extended open time.
  • EIFS* systems: Enhanced wet/dry adhesion and reduced water absorption.
  • Roof coatings: High water resistance and increased elongation.
*External Insulation Finishing System