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Chemical Manufacturing Intermediates

Supporting Worldwide Industries with Chemical Solution

At Hexion, we specialize in producing both fundamental and specialized chemicals that play essential roles in industries around the globe. We provide the raw materials needed for a wide array of chemical products, from BDO and MDI to various resins like epoxy and amino. With our comprehensive understanding of production processes, a global supply network, and exceptional service and support, we're here to assist you at every stage.


Discover the versatility of amines. Our comprehensive product range empowers innovation across diverse industries.

Butanediol (BDO)

What do apparel, electronics, lube oils, and hairsprays have in common? Butanediol (BDO). Learn more here.

Chelating Agents

Explore chelates with Hexion's high-quality formaldehyde and hexamine formulations, spanning from cleaning products to water softening.

Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI)

Discover how MDI, the versatile molecule, shapes innovations in foam insulation, wood composites, adhesives, and more.


See Pentaerythritol’s transformative impact on a range of industries, from refrigeration to explosives.

Polyacetal Resins

Dive into polyacetal resins and how they're reshaping industries with their versatile and high-performance applications.

Urea, Phenolic and Melamine Resins

How formaldehyde and its derivatives play a pivotal role in crafting a wide range of products, from engineered wood to automotive top coats and beyond.

Versatic™ Acids

Dive into the remarkable properties of Versatic Acids and how they’re unlocking innovative solutions across a wide range of applications.