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Versatic™ Monomers for Decorative and Topcoats

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Better Masonry Coatings

Hexion offers a range of monomers and building blocks that provide performance advantages when formulated into cement and masonry coatings for all kinds of surfaces: flooring, walls, and more. When you incorporate our VeoVa™ vinyl esters into your emulsion polymers for masonry coatings, it unlocks a world of benefits such as:

  • Outstanding resistance to alkali damage
  • Impressive efflorescence resistance
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Enhanced resistance to dirt buildup on masonry walls

When formulating low-VOC acrylic polyol resins, our Cardura™ E10P glycidyl ester is your answer. Here's why:

  • It’s easy and fast to produce
  • It plays well with non-polar, budget-friendly, and low-odor solvents like odorless mineral spirits
  • It's the ideal choice for 2K polyurethane concrete topcoats, especially in environments where strong solvent odors are a concern.

Veova House: A World of Versatility

Explore the VeoVa House, an interactive experience where you can see where in a house our products might be improving the look, feel and performance of your home.