VeoVa™ Monomers for Wood Water Resistant Adhesives

Strong, Durable, and Water-Resistant

Wood water beads

When it comes to wood, you want an adhesive that can handle a bit of moisture. Based on their unique reactivity and performance characteristics, VeoVa™ vinyl esters (add link to VeoVa vinyl esters here) from Hexion could be exactly what you’re looking for. They’re used in a variety of emulsions for high-performance 1K water-resistant wood adhesives, and they have some significant benefits, including:

  • They excel at repelling moisture, meeting D3 and D4 requirements with ease.
  • They offer outstanding durability and extended shelf-life.

If you're in the wood bonding industry and require an adhesive that can withstand moisture while maintaining long-lasting bonds, VeoVa™ vinyl esters are your solution. It's all about ensuring your wood bonds are resilient, water-resistant, and built to endure.

Oriented Strand Board

Plywood and LVL

Particleboard and Fiberboard

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