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Sowing Seeds in Responsible Agriculture

Hexion is at the forefront of supporting more sustainable agriculture with our range of essential raw materials for both crop protection and crop nutrition. From herbicides and pesticides to slow-release fertilizers, our commitment to responsible chemistry and innovation is helping address the challenges of modern farming while safeguarding our environment.

Tractor in a field

Crop Protection: Herbicides and Pesticides

Increasing crop yields, optimizing production in an environmentally conscious manner, managing changes in the ecosystem (responsibly) — these are the challenges facing the agriculture industry today.

As a leading supplier of raw materials to crop protection product manufacturers, we at Hexion share these concerns and we’re committed to providing solutions that contribute to responsible agriculture.

Our formaldehyde solutions and urea formaldehyde concentrate are vital components in products that boost agricultural production globally. We're dedicated to environmental health, safety, and responsible innovation, offering:

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Crop Nutrition: Chemicals for Making Fertilizers

In today's eco-conscious agricultural landscape, Hexion plays a crucial role by providing essential building-block chemicals for modern fertilizers.

Our formaldehyde solutions, derivatives, and urea formaldehyde concentrates are key ingredients in slow-release fertilizers, ensuring plants get the nitrogen they need for steady growth over time. Explore our product range:

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