Adhesives and Resins for Furniture

Tailored Solutions for Your Furniture and Woodworking Projects

At Hexion, we have a wide range of adhesive solutions tailor-made for furniture manufacturers, cabinetmakers, and even those in the flooring, door, molding, and millwork industry.

We know that each product challenge is unique, and we take every aspect into consideration — including substrate, variety of veneers, and assembly constraints — before recommending the most efficient and cost-effective adhesive solution.

Our offering includes:

  • Urea-based resins: These are tried-and-true, ideal for interior and Type II applications. They're cost-effective, work well with veneer overlays, and cure rapidly. Plus, they meet or exceed standards like CPA EPP 0.2, E1, EPA TSCA Title VI, and CARB II.
  • Melamine urea-based resins: Perfect for Type I applications due to their moisture resistance and strength. We offer both liquid and powder options, including formulations that are ultra-low-emitting and CARB Phase II compliant.
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate resins: If you need properties similar to PVAs but require greater water resistance, lower temperature adhesion, or adhesion to nonporous surfaces like vinyl foils or aluminum, these are your solution.

Beyond products, we're here to assist you in evaluating, selecting, and implementing processes that can help your production line run more efficiently and reduce finishing costs. Explore our applications below.

Resins for Cabinet, Countertop and Flooring Laminates

Particleboard and Fiberboard