Concrete and Masonry Coatings

Defending Masonry Against the Elements

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When it comes to concrete and masonry coatings, they need to be seriously tough to withstand the elements. That's where Hexion’s VeoVa™ 10 vinyl ester comes in.

VeoVa™ 10 co-polymerizes with (meth)acrylates to produce emulsion polymers known as VeoCryls. These VeoCryls have the ability to stand up against alkali, water, and even efflorescence. So, if you're looking for coatings that can handle the rough and tough world of concrete and masonry, check out what Hexion's VeoVa™ monomers can do for you.

Veova House: A World of Versatility

Explore the VeoVa House, an interactive experience where you can see where in a house our products might be improving the look, feel and performance of your home.