VeoVa™ Monomers for Intumescent Paints

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Use VeoVa vinyl ester emulsions for high-performance intumescent paints

Thanks to its unique bulky structure, VeoVa 10 vinyl ester is particularly suitable for the preparation of vinyl acetate-based emulsions for high-performance intumescent coatings. Its high carbon content and synergy with intumescent additives yield intumescent paints exhibiting properties like:

  • Excellent char formation
  • Premium fire protection even at a minimal layer thickness
  • Superior performance compared to acrylics and VAE polymers
  • Long term,  in-can paint stability
  • High water resistance

Moreover, Hexion’s VeoVa 10-rich blending resin technology empowers coatings manufacturers to effortlessly upgrade a wide variety of different intumescent paints formulations at a later stage of the value chain.



VeoVa Vinyl Ester Emulsion for High Performance Intumescent Paints

VeoVa-rich Blending Resins for High Performance Intumescent Paints

Vinyl esters-based intumescent paints

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Enhancing performance and properties

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