Energy and Resources

Fueling Success in Energy and Natural Resource Sectors

Hexion offers a targeted range of products to service companies and operators, all geared towards boosting your return on investment. We combine over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and bring that same expertise to mining. Our goal? To assist you in getting the most out of your hydraulic fracturing treatments and ramping up mining productivity. Today, our solutions are tailor-made to tackle the hurdles in drilling, cementing, and flotation delivering exceptional results in the field.

Highly Efficient Mining Reagents

Hexion’s flotation collectors and depressants help customers in the mining industry improve their productivity and reduce treatment costs while solving specific metallurgical challenges. Our products are used in the processing of a variety of metals and minerals.

Hexafloat™ Collectors

  • Used extensively as a collector in lithium, rare earth and phosphate flotation
  • Maximize recovery-grade performance  
  • Anionic nature
  • Excellent water solubility
  • Lower dosage and process treatment costs than conventional methods
  • Hexafloat Series collectors are customer tailored formulations developed for specific ore bodies and processes. 
  • Easy to handle
  • Lower dosage required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improved cost-performance
  • Enhanced Collector Performance
  • Improved yield and recovery
Copper froth floatation

Well Production and Cementing Additives

Fines-Sta™ 200 Fines Control Agent

Hexion’s Fines-Sta™ 100 fines control agent is used to address fines migration challenges associated with siliceous rocks to enhance well production.

X-Air™ P Cement Anti-Foam

Hexion’s X-Air cement antifoams are designed to prevent air entrainment and reduce foam in cement systems.

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