VeoVa™ Monomers for Architectural Coatings

Add a Unique Twist to Architectural Paints

Thanks to their special performance features, Hexion’s VeoVa™ vinyl esters find their way into various emulsions for architectural paints, where they provide a range of benefits:

  • For interior paints, think high scrub, high PVC, and low VOC.
  • Exterior paints get outdoor durability and a useful dirt-repelling quality.
  • Roof coatings enjoy impressive water resistance and elongation.
  • Wood coatings play nice with good adhesion and outdoor staying power.
  • And real stone paints have an increased resistance to water whitening.
  • Biocide-free, high-pH organosilicate paints remain stable for prolonged periods of time.

With just a handful of VeoVa monomer-based emulsions, paint creators can tackle a bunch of projects in and around the house. To dive deeper into the world of VeoVa, swing by our virtual VeoVa house. Click on either Exterior Paints or Interior Paints to see what’s possible for your project!

High-pH VeoVa Vinyl Ester based Paints: No Biocides Needed!

Veova House: A World of Versatility

Explore the VeoVa House, an interactive experience where you can see where in a house our products might be improving the look, feel and performance of your home.