Melamine Resins

Crafting solutions across industries

Hexion provides an extensive spectrum of melamine-based resins, spanning a wide range of applications. These resins find their place in decorative laminates, from countertops to laminate flooring, in the domain of composite wood products such as oriented strand board (OSB), and as enhancers in materials like textiles, tires, and paper. Our offerings include:

Melamine Formaldehyde Resins

Unmethylated melamine formaldehyde resins represent robust, enduring, and versatile thermosetting polymers. These compounds boast strong fire and heat resistance. Coupled with our extensive formulating expertise, these resins adapt seamlessly to a broad array of system parameters. After curing, they become colorless, enduring, and resistant to solvents.

Typical applications include:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Laminate countertops
  • Cabinetry
  • Composites
  • Surface coatings
  • Textile finishes
  • Paper processing and bonding
  • Modifiers in materials such as textiles, tires, paper, fertilizers, glass and metals

Methylated Melamine Formaldehyde Resins

laminate floor installation

By introducing excess methanol into the manufacturing process, melamine resins undergo "methylation." This infusion of methoxymethyl functional groups elevates the melamine formaldehyde (MF) polymer, fostering exceptional stability even at high solids content. By varying the degree of methylation, Hexion is able to meet the requirements of a wide array of MF processes and applications, and deliver a range of benefits, including:

  • Cross-linkage among a diverse group of polymers—containing hydroxyl, amino, amido, or carboxyl functional groups
  • Better mar, stain, and block resistance in wood coatings and catalyzed systems
  • Ability to create fabric stiffness or “hand” via cross-linking latex emulsions in textile applications
  • Stability for effective use in water-based systems
  • Fire retardant properties
  • Suitability for many processes and applications

These benefits make our line of methylated melamine formaldehyde resins an excellent choice for use in:

  • Industrial coatings
  • Cross-linking
  • Textiles
  • Nonwovens
  • Papermaking

Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) Resins

Perfect for manufacture of oriented strand board (OSB) and fiberboard, Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) Resins play a vital role. These resins epitomize water resistance and superior durability.

Melamine Urea Phenol Formaldehyde (MUPF) resins

Engineered for oriented strand boards, Melamine Urea Phenol Formaldehyde (MUPF) Resins undergo stringent formulation to meet the European OSB 3 qualifications.

Explore the multifaceted realm of melamine-based resins.