Casco® Resins

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Pioneering Wood Bonding Since the '70s

The name Casco® Resin has been at the forefront of bonding wood since the mid-1970s. Since then Hexion has kept the momentum going strong by continuing to evolve and improve the Casco Resin line of products to meet the ever-changing needs of the building and construction industry.

Varieties of Casco Resin

Casco Resin

Looking for a versatile resin that can handle the job like a pro? Casco resin is your general-purpose resin solution. From particle board to hardwood plywood and even curved plywood and furniture panels, it's got you covered. Useful for high density wood species, these liquid urea formaldehyde (UF) resins should be catalyzed/hardened with the appropriate Cascoset UF Catalyst or Hexion UF Catalyst.

Cascoset® Catalyst

Want to take your adhesive resins to the next level? Cascoset catalysts are all about curing and hardening Cascophen PRF and RF adhesives.

Cascophen RF and PRF Resin

Cascophen RF and PRF resins are used in assembly woodworking glue as well as general marine and aircraft use. These resins can be used in other exterior applications. These resorcinol-formaldehyde resin adhesives should be hardened/cured with an appropriate Cascoset catalyst.

Cascophen® PF Resin

Cascophen phenol formaldehyde resins are high performance resins used to bind oriented strand board, softwood plywood and laminated veneer lumber for both structural and non-structural use in interior and exterior applications. The best part? We can tailor these resins to meet your specific needs, ensuring top-notch performance with the lowest costs.

Cascorez® Resin

Tricky bonds are no problem for Cascorez resin. It’s your go-to for cold press bonding of wood to various difficult to bond materials such as film, vinyl, polystyrene furniture components, polyester edge bonding, finished wood surfaces and highly impregnated paper. It’s also perfect for edge gluing, face gluing and panel-on-frame assembling, doweling and case goods assembly.

Cascomel® MF Resin

Cascomel MF resin is a true multi-tasker. Lumber end gluing, edge gluing, plywood scarfing, figure jointing, or face gluing, you name it, it can handle it. The resin can be cured via radio frequency and used on a hot press.

Cascowax® Wax Emulsions

Cascowax wax emulsions have been relied on by the building and construction industry for decades, and they’re constantly evolving. Hexion continues to innovate these products into adjacent markets, serving the industrial processing, packaging and food-grade applications. Cascowax wax emulsions are specifically designed for various applications in the composite panel industry where performance and customization are critical. Talk to your Hexion rep for approved uses and customization options!

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