Fines-Sta™ Fines Control Agent

Let's talk about those sneaky siliceous fines in sandstone formations.

You know the ones that love to tag along in produced liquids, especially after stimulation treatments. They've got a knack for clogging up pores and forming stable emulsions, causing short and long-term production decline - and in severe cases, even well abandonment.

The solution is Hexion’s Fines-Sta™ 100 fines control agent

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Fines-Sta 100 is used for fines encountered in crude oil production or generated as a result of hydraulic fracturing or sandstone acidizing. Such treatment can result in a significant increase in the productivity and stabilization of the well, typically for a long period of time (several years in some cases). 

Fines-Sta 100 can also cut down on maintenance costs, keeping things efficient and sustainable. 

Field Study on Stimulation Response

The Fines-Sta 100 fines control agent was used to treat a Repetto oil well with severely declining production. After treatment, the well’s production remained higher than pre-treatment (SPE 20076-MS, 1990).

Say goodbye to fines-induced headaches and hello to enhanced well production with Fines-Sta™ Fines Control Agent.