Resins for Cabinet, Countertop and Flooring Laminates

Laminate finish on a modern kitchen counter

Innovative Resins for Impeccable Surfaces

When it comes to veneer cores and laminated flooring, Hexion offers a comprehensive range of amino resins. Our lineup includes:
  • Standard UF resins: The classics, reliable and versatile.
  • Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) resins: Featuring high moisture-resistant Type 1 systems for those extra-demanding jobs.
  • CARB II and EPA TSCA Title VI compliant resins: A blend of compliance and excellence.
  • Liquid meter-mix systems: Cool and convenient - a modern solution.
  • PVA emulsions: Versatile and practical, offering diverse applications.
  • Caseins: Unconventional and effective.
  • Ethylene vinyl acetates (EVAs): The flexible, adaptable choice for various needs.
Our resins are known for their cost-effectiveness and solid performance in the industry.
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