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Resin Systems and Versatic™ Monomers for Adhesives

Our epoxy and phenolic systems offer a wide range of processing and performance characteristics for formulating adhesives that bond metals, concrete, ceramics, glass, plastics, cloth, paper, polyesters or thermoplastic rubber. Our epoxy resin/modifier/curing-agent systems are available in high solids, waterborne and solvent-borne formats and with the following features:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Excellent performance at extremes of temperature
  • Rapid- and low-temperature cure
  • Strong bonding to many substrates

Our phenolic resins are suited for a wide range of reactive adhesives including metal adhesives, metal primers for bonding rubber, nitrile rubber adhesives, and contact, pressure-sensitive and hot-melt adhesives.

Hexion also offers a range of VeoVa™ vinyl ester monomers at different Tg levels allowing formulators to design adhesives to meet their specific needs.

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