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Adhesives for Structural Fingerjoints

To extend the length of a wood board, a structural fingerjoint is often required. Joints bonded with Hexion's structural fingerjoint adhesives will be stronger than the wood itself and provide long-lasting performance. We offer four different technologies for structural fingerjoints. For help with selection, please consult our technical experts.

Melamine based resin—benefits include:

  • Certified Heat Resistant Adhesives (HRA) for use with any lumber species, grade or finger-joint geometry
  • Unique high-solids formulations
  • Provide excellent water resistance
  • Clear glue line

Phenol resorcinol-based resin—benefits include:

  • Certified for unrestricted use per Method A testing
  • Ideal when fast cure times are desirable

Melamine resorcinol-based resin—benefits include:

  • Certified as an HRA per Method A testing
  • Radio frequency curable

Polyvinyl acetate resins are also available, with high emulsified phenolic content for excellent heat resistance.

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