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Urea Resins

The workhorse of amino resin technology, urea resins are used mainly in the wood products industry and are versatile, cost-effective, proven performers. These highly cross-linked thermosetting polymers are primarily made up of urea and formaldehyde, with formaldehyde acting as the cross-linker. The urea-formaldehyde reaction is acid-cured and heat-accelerated to form a rigid, crystalline-like polymer. Urea resins are noted for their:

  • Fast cure (as little as 2 seconds, at high temperature)
  • Stability
  • High strength
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Versatility

They are used in numerous applications, such as:

  • Wood composites
  • Wet laid fiberglass mat
  • Decorative laminate paper saturation
  • Air filtration
  • Coated and bonded abrasives

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