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Welcome Michael Lefenfeld

New President and CEO Michael Lefenfeld is an innovation-focused business leader who brings a unique combination of technology, operational, and entrepreneurial experience to Hexion. He, alongside his leadership team, will focus on building upon Hexion’s rich history as an industrial leader and commercializing advanced adhesives, coatings, and sealants into the construction, automotive, agriculture and energy markets.

Hexion’s ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield Contributes to Groundbreaking Fire Safety Research

Mission-Critical Fire Protection Delivered During Unprecedented Test Burns


We are the adhesive in sustainable construction.

We have a responsibility...

We have a responsibility to use chemistry in a way that makes this world better, safer and cleaner. We are Responsible Chemistry.

What we do best


Our adhesives for various wood applications offer a wide range of processing and performance characteristics for formulating adhesives that bond wood, metals, concrete, ceramics, glass, plastics, cloth, paper, polyesters or thermoplastic rubber.

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Performance Materials

From protecting the coating on your car to improving the strength and durability of concrete, Versatic™ acid and derivatives have a well-established track record of cost-effective performance.

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