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VoyagerSM Mobile Resin Coating Service

The new VoyagerSM mobile resin coating service is the first unit to provide mobile, in-basin resin coated proppant manufacturing. The Voyager™ unit is a fully equipped, mobile resin coating plant capable of deployment to any domestic or international sand source. The Voyager resin coating service utilizes a mobile unit the size of a tractor trailer. The unit is used in combination with ancillary equipment such as silos, chemical storage, and a mobile laboratory to ensure production meets quality specifications. The total layout is configurable and scalable if additional capacity is required.  

By providing rapid deployment of the coating capacity to the sand source and an efficient coating process, the Voyager unit provides the most economical resin coated proppant manufacturing available. 

Operational Efficiencies

These units offer reduced operating costs when compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar coating facility such as:

  • Shorter manufacturing time
  • Advanced process automation/operational efficiencies
  • Fewer personnel required
  • Smaller footprint

Logistics Advantage

The Voyager unit eliminates additional transportation time and cost by resin coating sand where the operational cost is the lowest. With a mobile unit deployed at an in-basin mine, transloading costs are avoided by moving resin coated sand directly from the mine to fracturing operations. By transporting uncoated in-basin sand and resin coated sand from the same location, strain on the supply chain is also reduced.

The Voyager unit can also respond rapidly to changing market needs; it can quickly mobilize/demobilize to facilitate relocation as needed to areas of higher activity. This reduces the last-mile cost of transporting resin-coated sand to the wellsite.  

Products Available

The Voyager resin coating unit currently produces kRT Voyager™ in-basin resin coated proppants as well as local sand that incorporates AquaBond Voyager™ formation water reduction technology. Additional proppant technologies will be available in the future.

kRT Voyager resin coated proppants are a curable resin coated sand capable of controlling proppant flowback at bottom-hole temperatures as low as 110°F (43°C). Additionally, kRT Voyager proppants provide improved crush resistance, enhanced conductivity, cyclic stress resistance, and minimized proppant embedment. The coating also reduces respirable silica to levels below the OSHA action level.

The AquaBond Voyager formation water reduction technology is a specialized coating designed to reduce formation water, while improving oil and gas production. The technology alters the relative permeability of the proppant pack to admit hydrocarbons and limit the admission of water. A recent case study in the Permian Basin showed that AquaBond technology reduced water cut by 15% compared to offset wells, and increased oil production by 28%. Although the main feature of AquaBond technology is water reduction, it consolidates at temperatures as low as 120°F (49°C) to provide proppant flowback control.

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