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ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield from Hexion

ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield from Hexion is the latest smart technology solution as part of our broader fire safety platform. When heated by fire, ArmorBuilt Wildfire Shield swells to protect the pole and help prevent catastrophic failure.

ArmorBuilt Wildfire Shield is part of Hexion's overall commitment to responsible chemistry. We are focused on creating new products with sustainable attributes, which, in this case, are intended to save lives and protect critical infrastructure in a fire. Initially we’ve focused on addressing the need of extending the lifespan of wooden utility poles, and we believe our ArmorBuilt wrap can provide safety and performance for a variety of industries. —Sanjeev Rastogi, Senior Vice President, Global Resins

Key attributes of ArmorBuilt™ Wildfire Shield

  • A state-of-the-art smart material that is triggered by heat, which protects a renewably sourced power infrastructure – wooden utility poles – while substantially minimizing the cost of disruption and repair.
  • ArmorBuilt shield has also passed an industry approved wildfire simulation burn test for fire resistance.  
  • With its insulating and self-healing properties, the ArmorBuilt product provides a safe and reliable burn-prevention material for a variety of industries. For example, ArmorBuilt shield can play a critical role in fire hardening protection for other critical infrastructure, as well as several residential and commercial applications.
  • From telecommunication to transportation, ArmorBuilt shield can help keep communities connected and protected from the damaging effects of fire. We have the ability to innovate new products “on the fly” that meet your specific fire-protection needs. Our team of experts will work with you to develop fully customized fire mitigation solutions for your application using state-of-the-art, fire-smart materials. 


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