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Versatic Inside Newsletters

Hexion's Versatic™ Inside newsletter is designed to provide valuable information on the benefits and performance of our Versatic derivative products. Online versions of these electronic newsletters are available as a resource to our customers. If you would like to receive an email of the newsletter when it is distributed, please subscribe here.

Versatic Inside - Winter 2017


Topics Include:

• Reclassification of VeoVa™ 9 and VeoVa 10 Vinyl Esters
• VeoVa™ EH Monomer for Low-VOC Emulsions
• Hexion Announces Chemgrit as Distributor for South Africa
• New application laboratory in Stafford, TX
• Low-VOC 2K PU and High-Performance Made Possible
• 15th Symposium on Waterborne Technologies Organized by China’s National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC)
• VeoVa™ Vinyl Ester Water-resistant Exterior Technology Highlighted at the 2017 APCS Jakarta, Indonesia

Versatic Inside - Summer 2017

Topics Include:

  • Change in Registration and Classification of Versatic™ Acid 5
  • Waterborne dispersions with Cardura™ E10P glycidyl ester gain momentum amid low VOC regulations in China
  • Hexion Achieves Responsible Care Recertification
  • Recent Tradeshows
  • Upcoming Tradeshows and Conferences
  • New and Upcoming Publications
  • New Literature
  • Organization Updates

Versatic Inside - Spring 2017

Topics Include:

  • Increasing the Cure Rate of Acrylic Polyols Containing Cardura E10P Glycidyl Ester
  • Expanded Analytical Laboratory to Support Coating Resins Division
  • Hexion Inc. Announces NEO Chemical as Distributor for its Versatic Acids and Derivatives Product Line in the Russian Federation
  • Recent and Upcoming Tradeshows
  • New Publications
  • Organization Update