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EPIKURE™ Curing Agent P-108


EPIKURE™ Curing Agents P-101 and P-103 are the reaction products of an epoxy resin and an imidazole. They act primarily as a catalytic type curing agent and may be used as a sole curative or in combination with other materials, such as dicyandiamide. Because of its finely divided powder form, EPIKURE Curing Agent P-101 may be used to prepare both fast curing functional powders and low temperature cure decorative powders (see Table 1). The pastille form of EPIKURE Curing Agent P-103 makes it less suitable for decorative applications (see “Formulation information”).

EPIKURE Curing Agents P-104 and P-108 are accelerated dicyandiamide types. They interact with epoxy resins through both catalytic and addition type reaction of the dicyandiamide portion. EPIKURE Curing Agent P-104 is normally used in thick film decorative or functional powder coatings. EPIKURE Curing Agent P-108 is normally used to prepare thin film decorative powders. Typical properties are provided on page 2. These curing agents can be used individually or in combination to formulate a wide variety of powder coatings tailored for specific applications.

  • P-101 - Imidazole adduct
  • P-103 - Pastille form of P-101
  • P-104 - Accelerated dicyandiamide
  • P-108 - Accelerated dicyandiamide

Sales Specification

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Alkalinity 0.6 - 0.8 ASTM D2896

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Container 100 lb. Drum
Form 200 mesh powder
Density* 1.38 g/cm

*Grams/ml at 25 ºC, Powder Coating Institute Test Procedure #4.

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