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kRT Voyager™ Proppants



Hexion kRT Voyager™ proppants are a curable resin coated sand available in 40/70 and 100 mesh sizes. kRT Voyager proppants are an in-basin resin coated sand that controls proppant flowback in reservoirs down to 110°F and enhances conductivity.

Typical Applications

Fracture treatments: 

  • At closure stress up to: 12,000 psi [83 MPa]
  • At bottom-hole static temperatures* from: 110 – 450°F [43 – 232°C]

Technical Advantages and Benefits

  • Enhanced conductivity
  • Proppant flowback control
  • Proppant fines reduction
  • Cyclic stress resistance
  • Minimizes proppant embedment
  • Reduces respirable silica dust exposure below PEL limits

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Solubility In Oil 0.0 weight %
Specific gravity 2.60 - 2.59
Specific Volume 0.385[0.046] - 0.386[0.046] cm³/g [gal/lb]
Pipe Fill Factor 0.758[0.091] - 0.763[0.091] cm³/g [gal/lb]
Physical State solid granule
Composition resin coated, Permian Basin frac sand
Color grayish to pinkish*
Bulk Density 1.32[11.02] - 1.31[10.93] g/cm³ [lb/gal]
Solubility in Water, Brine & HCl 0.0 weight %
Resin Type thermosetting, curable
Solubility in HCl/HF acid, API RP 19C ≤ 0.3 weight %
Mesh Size 40/70 - 100

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