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Phenolic Resins for Coated Abrasive Applications

We offer a range of liquid Bakelite® resins for manufacturing high-performance coated abrasives. Our technical specialists can help you choose the right binder to help you optimize production and achieve your desired abrasive properties.

Customizable chemical and process attributes include:

  • Reactivity
  • Viscosity
  • Solids content
  • Monomer content
  • Oven dwell time
  • Throughput speed

PaperClothVulcanized FiberCloth ManufacturingWood FinishingMetal FinishingReduced Cycle TimeBubble Free CureFlexible Processing in Various FormulationsSuitable for Higher Oven TemperatureIncreased Pigment Color RetentionNo Phenol Emission Increased Stock RemovalImproved Retention of Grain OrientationImproved Dimensional StabilityUltra-Low Formaldehyde
Bakelite® PF7983SW02
Bakelite® PF0400SW01
Bakelite® PF6628SW
Bakelite® PF9353SW
Bakelite® PF0361SW
Bakelite® PF7870SW
Durite™ AL-722E*
Bakelite® AL-3029C*

*Urea-formaldehyde technology

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