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Phenolic Systems for Military and Defense Composites

Panels and armor for military vehicles, ships and boats as well as personal protective equipment such as helmets and bulletproof jackets require the utmost strength with properties such as fire resistance and superior flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance. Composites made with Bakelite® phenolic resins combine these characteristics and meet a variety of military standards. Phenolic resin-based composites are suitable for both interior and exterior use and can be processed via pre-preg or compression molding.

Honeycomb DipPre-PregFilament WindingPultrusionRTMVacuum InfusionHand Lay Up Viscosity [cP]
Water content
Free phenol
Free formaldehyde
Standard Pot
Life [min]
Catalyst CurigHeat Curing
Cellobond™ SC 1008 P180-3002-410-16max. 1.314-22 (130°C)