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Bakelite® Phenolic Resin Molding Compounds

Our phenolic (PF) molding compounds and engineering thermosets —based on Bakelite resins —are found in numerous articles from pot handles, toaster parts and fittings for ovens and dishwashers to automotive brake pistons, lamp casings and pump parts. Two prominent applications are:

Under the Hood

As engines are downsized to meet increased fuel efficiency standards and reduced CO2 emission requirements, under-the-hood temperatures rise. Bakelite engineering thermosets deliver a variety of performance benefits for under-the-hood components from pulleys to vacuum and fuel pump parts, including:

  • Up to 40 percent weight savings versus aluminum
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Resistance to fuel and other automotive chemicals
  • Heat tolerance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Possibility of complex, high-precision shapes

Electrical Applications

Bakelite engineering thermosets have been used for decades in a wide variety of electrical applications such as motor parts and switches because of their excellent:

  • Heat resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Electrical insulating properties

We offer a broad product selection including organic and inorganically filled products with properties optimized for specific applications and UL listing requirements.

We also provide melamine-phenolic molding compounds (MP-MC) for commutators (components of various electric motors). In these components, a very small amount of molding compound must not only provide electrical insulation, but also anchor the copper lamella and ensure optimal seating of the lamella on the rotor axis at high rotational speeds, even under severe thermal stress. Hexion’s thermally stable melamine-phenolic molding compounds have a long track record of success in these applications:

  • Fuel pumps
  • HVAC motors
  • ABS
  • Power tools
  • Garden and household appliances