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AQUAREOUS™ systems

Lowering VOC emissions towards zero

Delivering more Sustainable Innovation 

For almost forty years, Hexion’s coatings team has been developing improved waterborne systems that help our customers formulate lower VOC, higher performance coatings. Our newest development is AQUAREOUS™ Waterborne Epoxy systems for ultra-low VOC coatings.  

AQUAREOUS technology is the next generation of waterborne epoxy products with one important difference. These products contain only resin and water, without any added volatile organic cosolvents. However, the absence of co-solvent does not reduce performance. In fact, AQUAREOUS Systems reduce, or can even eliminate, the need for adding cosolvents to the final formulation. As such, AQUAREOUS technology is a new formulating tool for developing high performance waterborne epoxy coatings that perform equal to, or in some cases, outperform solvent-borne epoxy coatings.  

Ultra-low VOC epoxy coatings using AQUAREOUS technology are suitable for protection of a broad range of substrates and targeted to applications ranging from general industrial or marine coatings to construction formulations; as well as, for Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) or Auto Parts and Accessories (APA) coatings.

Building a Better, Safer, Cleaner Future

To protect the environment, improve worker safety and provide longer service life, the coatings market (and our world) needs waterborne epoxy systems that deliver higher performance, faster return to service and superior film formation without any added cosolvents. With AQUAREOUS Systems, formulators can take their coatings all the way towards zero solvent emissions.

To learn more about the world of AQUAREOUS waterborne epoxy systems, contact us for further details.

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