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BorDrill™ FLW Fluid Loss Additive


Drilling Rig (Large)

Hexion’s BorDrill™ FLW fluid loss additive is designed specifically for high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) fluid loss control, clay particle inhibition, and borehole stabilization. It is formulated for superior performance in highly contaminated mud systems at elevated temperatures up to 204°C [400°F].

It is a water-soluble, extremely high molecular weight, powder resin.

Technical Advantages and Benefits

  • Effective in a wide range of fresh water, seawater, saltwater, and contaminated systems
  • Temperature stability up to 204°C [400°F]
  • Does not increase the rheology of drilling fluid system
  • Cost effective in a wide range of applications

Typical Properties

Property Standard Value Unit Test Method
Appearance Light purple free-flowing powder
Flash Point > 93°C [200°F]
Particle Size 200 mesh 95 %
pH 10% Solution 9.7
Recommended Dosage 3 - 7 lb/bbl
Solubility Water 100% Soluble

API Fluid Loss Control

 BorDrill Chart 1 
BorDrill Chart 2

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