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Hexion’s Commitment to Addressing Climate Change

Climate Change Policy

Hexion strives to protect against climate change throughout our business lifecycle by efficiently using natural resources, optimizing existing processes and enhancing products and technologies through continuous innovation. This focus increases stakeholder value by improving the use of resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, engaging our associates, decreasing operating costs and supporting our customers’ sustainability goals.

Addressing climate change starts with Responsible Chemistry. From the demand for energy efficiency to creating bio-based and circular products, science and chemistry play an important role in addressing climate change as we positively address our carbon footprint. Hexion has committed to reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030 based on a 2017 baseline as well as assembling our Scope 3 emissions.

Net Energy and Production GHG Intensity

Environmental Events

Through focused efforts to reduce spills and releases, and improved permit compliance, the Environmental Events metric has steadily declined and held steady in recent years with a 10-year reduction of over 85 percent. In addition to this reduction we have committed to reducing overall spill mass and releases by 80 percent by 2025. 

Environmental Events Net Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2e Water Usage
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