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Responsible Care®

Our Commitment to EHS Excellence

Hexion Inc. ("Hexion") is a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC). As a member of the ACC, Hexion is committed to the principles outlined under the ACC's Responsible Care® program  As a global company with worldwide operations, Hexion is also committed to the International Council of Chemicals Association (ICCA) Global Responsible Care core principles as outlined in the Responsible Care Global Charter.

Members of the ACC have significantly improved their environmental, health, safety and security performance through the Responsible Care initiative. Participation in Responsible Care is mandatory for ACC member companies, all of which have made CEO-level commitments to uphold these program elements:

  • Measuring and publicly reporting performance;
  • Implementing the Responsible Care Security Code;
  • Applying the Responsible Care management system elements to achieve and verify results; and
  • Obtaining independent certification that a management system is in place and functions according to professional standards.

Code of Business Ethics

Operating in an ethical manner is the foundation for ensuring Hexion complies with the letter and the spirit of the law. 
Learn more about Hexion's code of business ethics

Hexion's Code of Business Ethics provides guidelines on the high standards of integrity and the conduct expected of every associate.

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Compliance Officer

The Hexion Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the implementation of the respective Codes. The General Counsel of Hexion serves as our Compliance Officer to assist in the administration the Codes. 

Accountability and Responsibility

We are also committed to engagement and feedback from the public and other stakeholders. Any comments regarding our operations can also be directed to the Compliance Officer at or by contacting us at:

Compliance Officer
Attn. Hexion General Counsel
180 E. Broad St.
Columbus, OH  43215
(614) 225-4000

All suspected violations of Hexion's Code of Business Ethics will be investigated. All communications, complaints and concerns will be received and processed by our Compliance Officer.

Responsible Care® is a registered trademark of the American Chemistry Council.