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Hexion Achieves ISCC PLUS Certification

October 05, 2023
ISCC plus certification

COLUMBUS, Ohio - (October 5, 2023) – Hexion announced it has received International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS certification at its Baytown, Texas, site following an audit by DQS Inc., an independent certification company. The audit was launched to measure and validate the company’s carbon impact improvement following the recent introduction of bio-based methanol at the site.

ISCC PLUS is a global sustainability certification system that makes it possible to track the amount and sustainability characteristics of circular and/or bio-based content in a company’s value chain and attribute it via the mass balance approach based on verifiable bookkeeping. By achieving this globally-recognized standard, Hexion can now offer ISCC PLUS certified formaldehyde that is manufactured based on mass balance principles, which helps reduce the attributed carbon footprint of customers’ products.

“The introduction of bio-based methanol at Baytown and the subsequent ISCC PLUS designation is the natural evolution of our strategic efforts to offer products with more sustainable attributes,” said Michael Lefenfeld, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Achieving ISCC PLUS allows us to deliver certified products that more fully support our customer’s sustainability goals. We are focused on leveraging the new capabilities of our Baytown site, while evolving our broader manufacturing network over time to incorporate bio-based solutions.

“By leveraging renewable feedstocks and achieving this milestone, we are able to provide additional solutions that support our customers’ climate goals and address society’s needs,” said Stephanie Couhig, Senior Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety and Chief Sustainability Officer. “We are committed to developing innovative products that provide a lower environmental impact and contribute to the circular economy.”

Globally-recognized certifications, such as ISCC PLUS, demonstrate the company’s ongoing progress against numerous sustainability initiatives. Hexion recently detailed its progress in its recently-released Sustainability Report, Building and Protecting the Future Using Innovative Science Today.