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Epoxy Systems and Versatic™ Monomers for Self-leveling Flooring

The requirements for self-leveling flooring are straightforward: robust handling, good flow, strong adhesion. If it’s the top layer, aesthetics matter.

Hexion supplies a selection of proven EPON™ epoxy resins, EPIKURE™ curing agents and HELOXY™ modifiers at both “good” and “better” price points to meet customer needs. Curing agents can make all the difference, and our portfolio includes options to fulfill environmental requirements such as low VOC, waterborne and benzyl alcohol-free.

Our technical team will make sure you end up with all the necessary components for a complete self-leveling flooring system that’s right for your particular application.

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Versatic Monomers for Self-leveling Flooring

As an alternative to Heloxy modifiers, Cardura E10P glycidyl ester, because of its low viscosity and low volatility, can also be used as reactive diluent for self-leveling flooring applications. Cardura E10P glycidyl ester provides benefits such as; high viscosity cutting power, excellent resistance to crystallization, improved chemical resistance, high level of reactivity, and improved pigment and filler wetting.

Emulsions based on VeoVa™ monomers exhibit excellent alkali resistance and are successfully used to enhance the properties of formulated cementitious materials, including self-leveling concrete. This modification can be done with wet emulsions or with redispersible powders (RDPs).

Standard Self-Leveling

Epoxy Resin SystemPerformance & Features
Early Water
 Key Features  
Waterborne Systems
EPI-REZ Resin 7520-WD-52 / EPIKURE Curing Agent 8530-W-75
Faster dry and longer pot life
EPON Resin 828 / HELOXY Modifier 8 /
EPIKURE Curing Agent 8537-WY-60
Balanced set of properties
EPONEX Resin 1510 / EPIKURE Curing Agent 8545-W-52
 Low yellowing
Solvent-free Systems
EPON Resin 813 / EPIKURE Curing Agent 3370
EPIKURE Curing Agent 3271
Superior chemical resistance
EPIKOTE Resin 357 / EPIKURE Curing Agent 185
  Excellent mechanical strength, Very fast cure (under humid conditions)
EPONEX Resin 1510 / EPIKURE Curing Agent 196
 Low yellowing
Solvent-borne Systems
EPIKOTE™ Resin 874L-X-90 / EPIKURE Curing Agent 3155
High solids, superior adhesion
EPON Resin 1001-CX-75 / EPIKURE Curing Agent 3115-X-70
Fast lacquer dry, SB performance
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