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Binding Resins for Plywood and Laminated Veneer Lumber

Whether you’re making structural plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or composite core veneers for flooring, Hexion’s broad range of resin options improve product performance and process efficiency. Our products also stay ahead of the most stringent emission regulations all over the world. To help board manufacturers meet demanding performance and regulatory requirements, we offer the following technologies as well as customized technical service to meet your needs.

Phenolic Resins

We offer phenol formaldehyde (PF) resins for engineered wood products. Benefits include:

  • Highly moisture-resistant and durable
  • Fast-cure catalyst technology
  • High productivity
  • Regionally specific formulations
  • Formulations that meet or exceed ASTM, CSA and other global regulatory standards


  • Plywood
  • Laminated veneer lumber

Amino Resins

The cost efficiencies and proven performance of amino-based resins are well known throughout the plywood industry. In these resin systems, we offer the following options:

  • Standard UF resins
  • MUF resins including Type I high moisture-resistant systems
  • CARB II, EPA TSCA Title VI, E1, E0.5, F3*, F4* compliant resins such as EcoBind™ brand resins
  • Liquid meter-mixed systems

Applications include:

  • Interior applications that don't require significant moisture resistance, such as composite cores, veneer cores and flooring
  • Highly moisture-resistant melamine-urea formaldehyde products

Specialty Resin Systems to Meet Emission Restriction Needs

Hexion is continually innovating and pioneering new solutions to provide board producers with benefits such as emission reductions. All of these no-added urea formaldehyde alternative plywood binder solutions meet the requirements for CARB Phase II ceilings.

Ancillary Products

To optimize the efficiency, quality and performance of resin systems, we at Hexion provide a variety of catalyst systems, buffers, phenolic accelerators and extenders. These include:

  • Fast-cure catalyst systems for PF LVL resins
  • Buffer catalyst systems (liquid and powdered) that help allow for maximum production and extended pot life
  • Accelerators used in extreme cold conditions for improved tack and press performance
  • Accelerators/modifiers/catalyst options for PF resins, to solve production bottlenecks for higher productivity, lower and reduced warping
  • Extenders for better adhesive spread control, tack and consistent viscosity

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