Adhesives for Cross-laminated Timber (CLT)

The Key to Heavy-Duty Structural Strength

Picture this: robust cross-laminated timber panels that excel in the world of construction. These panels are engineered by layering solid-sawn or structural composite lumber, alternating the grain orientations to create remarkable strength, stability, and rigidity, making them perfect for handling heavy loads.

The adhesive technologies we offer for this application not only minimize resin waste but also keep formaldehyde emissions well under control. Here's a glimpse of what they include:

  • Melamine, PRF and resorcinol-based resins to ensure the panels remain remarkably strong.
  • High heat resistant adhesive systems. Even under intense heat, these adhesives maintain their composure, guaranteeing the panels' enduring strength.
  • Ultra-low emitting resins. Our commitment to clean air is unwavering, and we offer third-party Green-certified adhesives that emit minimal pollutants.
  • Special waste-saving mix systems. Efficiency is key, and these systems optimize adhesive usage to the fullest. Want to explore the specifics or have questions? Feel free to reach out, and we'll provide all the details.