Adhesives for Structural Fingerjoints

Crafting Strong Wood Connections

When you need to lengthen a wood board, you often turn to a structural fingerjoint — right?

And joints bonded with Hexion's structural fingerjoint adhesives will be stronger than the wood itself and provide long-lasting performance. We offer four different technologies for structural fingerjoints:

  • Melamine-based resin: Your certified heat-resistant adhesives (HRA) are ready to work with any lumber species, grade, or finger-joint setup. They come in unique high-solids formulations, provide excellent water resistance, and leave you with a nice, clear glue line.
  • Phenol resorcinol-based resin: If you're all about fast cure times, these are the ones to go for. They're certified for unrestricted use according to Method A testing.
  • Melamine resorcinol-based resin: These are another HRA certified option via Method A testing, and they're radio frequency curable for added convenience.

Polyvinyl acetate resins are also available, with high emulsified phenolic content, giving you excellent heat resistance. Have questions or need some guidance on which one to choose? Our technical experts are just a call away.